Welcome, Here is a quick introduction to my life so far…..

I was born and raised in Scotland, Great Britain, after college and those early years of working all hours of the day and night to become a successful Sales Engineer and Product Specialists, I was  selected to advance my career through a corporate transfer to our  U.S. operation in Livonia Michigan.  With the support of my wife we said goodbye to our families, friends and everything we knew and began our new adventure together along with our 9 month baby daughter Gemma.  We enjoyed the exciting transition and adapted to the American way of life very quickly. After a brief acclimatization period in Michigan we were again selected to open a West Coast operation based in Southern California.

Three years later, our son Scott was born and our family was complete. The excitement of working and living in the USA became a decision that neither of us regret.  After spending 19+ years in California the opportunity of moving to New York and accepting a series of promotions to President of the company became the next chapter for us. We moved here in early 2007 just before the recession hit, sinking its teeth into the US economy and creating some interesting times and challenges...... Read More


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