Here you can visit my youtube channel and see some videos I've put together.


Heckler & Kich make some of the finest firearms on the market. They manufacture one of my favorite firearms, the MP5SD.


I'm a member of the PRA and attend the yearly event in Mentone IN. There's something about Gyro copters that has me hooked on them.


Lotus Cars are some of the best handling cars on the road. I've owned a few lotus cars and cant get enough of them.


Since the California Highway Patrol started using BMW motorcycles, I became a fan of the R1100RT-P police bikes through to the R1200RT-P.


Sig Firearms are one of my favorite brands. They manufacture some of the finest firearms on the market today.

Great reading material for the gun enthusiast.


Surefire make some of the best laser optic devices and flashlights available today.

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