I am proud of my family having watched my daughter grow up to be a fantastic young lady with talent, charm and a great sense of humor. She made us so proud by graduating Cum Laude with a degree in business management and beginning her career in banking. Scott has always been right on the cutting edge of computers and capabilities with technology and is now progressing towards his degree in computer science to pursue a career in Cyber Security, Software development, or as he tells me.. working in a technology that does not exist yet..  Marion my wife, leaving behind her successful career in Scotland as a Tax Officer with Her Majesties Government has spent her time raising our children, volunteering in their schools with math and reading programs, and as the “parent teacher organization” treasurer all the way through elementary and middle school has advanced the financial possibilities within the PTA networks.  As if this was not enough, she established a highly successful and creative Multi-Media production company in 1999 creating corporate media, Web content, Training and safety materials and gained huge acclaim for the high end wedding productions produced for sophisticated clients. This business was sold when we made the move to New York in 2007. She now dedicates her time to our family in taking care of our home and pets.
I am still adapting to this culture, climate and region and especially having to accept that my hobbies and activities once enjoyed year round have become seasonal at best and largely controlled by the elements. Motorcycling, Shooting Sports, Sports cars, are most affected. But the scenery of New York State is stunning and the fall colors are something to behold that everyone should see once in their life.