Here are a few of my hobbies and interests that I enjoy:

  I am a fan of the English supercar manufacturer Lotus Cars of Hethel, UK. I have owned many of the marquee ever since the thrill and excitement of purchasing my first one in 2004.  Starting with the Calypso Red S4S 4 cylinder intercooled turbo and moving up to the fantastic 3.5L V8 Twin Turbo 350HP Lotus Esprit V8 in Azure Blue then  a second one in Red.
Both of these sport scars were purchased in the East coast ( NY state) and driven across the country from east coast to west coast with my son ( not once but twice ) … what an adventure.  It was an experience that memories are made of, that will last a lifetime. Once I moved to New York I got to experience the latest Lotus product the street legal racecar the Exige, but putting its handling aside it feels more like a go cart, and the roads in Westchester county are made for this car.  I eventually reverted back to the GT styling of the more exotic Esprit V8 again. Since production of the Esprit ended in 2004, I was lucky enough to buy a 2004 FE  (final edition)  silver on black Lotus Esprit V8 in perfect condition.
MOTORCYCLES:  I enjoyed a few weekends in California riding off-road motorcycles with my son when he was growing up, but here in New York there aren’t that many off road trails, just winding country roads, trees and more trees.  So I have now moved on to owning and riding touring bikes particularly enjoying my BMW R1200RT and R1150RT.  Although bigger, heavier bikes they handle extremely well and offer ABS braking which is vital when motorists don’t pay attention and pull out in front as they are known to do. I have always enjoyed motorcycles from my first when I was 16 in Scotland till the day when I am too old to get my leg over the saddle.  I am also currently working on a project to restore an old original 1978 KZ1000p from the TV show CHiPs. ( the winters can be very long here in NY )
FIREARMS:  Most kids played soldiers, cops & robbers or Cowboys when growing up, but the fascination for all things firearms and shooting has never left me as I grew, and when I arrived in the USA to find that I could legally own firearms it was a defining moment.  Since then I have owned and collected many high end guns, such as HK, Sig, Barrett, Beretta, Benelli, Etc, and am a long time member of the NRA and have enjoyed being an active participant in the West End Gun Club in California, and now the Putnam Valley Gun Club here in New York.  My children have grown up understanding and respecting firearms and the need for safety, as I strongly believe that educating not only adults, but children in firearms is important for them to understand and appreciate safe handling. I have participated in 3 gun matches and love the tactical and fast paced action of that shooting style along with high power target shooting which I am working on.  
BOATING: As a member of the Peekskill Yacht Club, and part of the civic contribution to the activities of the city,  I get to participate in the annual, ‘Peekskill Celebrations’,  which are held August/ September each year on the banks of the famous Hudson River. In particular, I volunteer as a steersman for the Dragon Boat Races, which take teams of 20 rowers, 1 drummer, and a Steersman to compete against 30 other teams in races on the Hudson each year. This year was especially memorable as it was the 400th anniversary celebration of the discovery of the Hudson River by Henry Hudson in 1609.
GYROCOPTERS:  As a member of the Popular Rotorcraft Association, I got to experience my first of several flights in a gyrocopter at the annual PRA Event at Mentone, Indiana in 2009.  When I was given the opportunity to pilot the craft it drives home the excitement and thrill of these strange aircraft. With some flight hours under my belt, and some further training, this has opened up the possibility of perusing another hobby once I qualify for my Sport Pilot’s license. I will be going to flight school during 2010 to complete my initial qualification for FAA approved solo status.


Quote of the Day  “Learn from the mistakes of others as you won't live long enough to make all of them yourself."